All of this was too surreal. From beginning to end, and not even just the show. Every part that lead me there was way too magical to not mention. I had no idea I’d be seeing the one and only Lady Gaga that night. It wasn’t part of my plans. In fact, I had let go of that dream-idea months ago, when I saw I couldn’t afford a ticket for myself. I sat in my lonely corner, remembering I would be missing her once again, like I did each time before. (It sucks to not have a job..) Anyway, I regained hope when my friend told me about this small contest that amazing opening band Semi Precious Weapons were doing. This band has played with Gaga so many times before, and they’re actually pretty close. Moving on, they decided that for each stop they’d make on the tour, they’d do a little something like this: wait at a street corner they’d mention in their tweets, and whoever finds them there gets the chance to win a ticket… And that’s how I ended up having a free seat in the Bell Center, on June 28, 2010.

Entering the Bell Center was one of the hardest tasks I could have ever imagined, even for a ticket holder. The crowd that showed up for both SPW and Gaga were immense, so immense, I wondered if we’d ever get inside on time. The line curved around the venue, and even then there were still many people arriving, adding up to this rope. Luckily, we got to skip that line, finding out we were in the wrong one and could enter directly through Gare Lucien-L’allier. That place was almost as packed as the outside, but it was worth knowing its existence.

Semi Precious Weapons, the extraordinary New York band with their Berklee Music School diplomas really rocked the set. I couldn’t have been more proud to meet up with vocalist Justin Tranter, the reason why I was even in the venue in the first place! Along with Tranter are Cole Whittle on bass, Dan Crean on drums and Stevy Pyne on guitar and backing vocals. Each member really knows how to bring this act to life. I heard a bit about them and their songs before, and honestly, you really have to see them live to truly enjoy their music to the complete max. I love their sound, their style and songs, but seeing them perform them actually makes everything they’ve put together even more exciting. Justin really brings his lyrics to life. And on a side-note, his heels are gorgeous.

I clenched my seat as the excitement began to rise. Everyone in the full house venue knew the musical Queen was coming out very soon. It didn’t take long before we could notice where she was hiding. Through the curtain, we could see some of the dancers, frozen on the stage, and then, behind them, standing up high…. there she was. Lady Gaga herself. She did a couple of dance moves, reminding me of Michael Jackson, and also of that scene in her Telephone video clip.

As the show went on, many things were revealed, such as the various ets upon the stage. I was amazed and definetely knew a lot of effort was put into making the second leg of the Monster Ball a great success. The setlist followed together, telling the story of some friends trying to find their way to the Monster Ball, a happy place where everyone could be free. The story progressed vivdly through dance and song, each more exciting than the last. Of course, Lady Gaga was admirable and at the top of her game, with her angelical voice and crazy costumes. Everything from the set to the props, instruments and musicians, storyline and dancers, fit together in perfect harmony.

I was especially amazed by the instruments Gaga played. I remember the first one beinga piano, secretly hidden into the back of her truck (Gaga by the way is definetely an amazing pianist). Another was a keytar hidden in a black spike that she carried around in some part of the show. Like I said, it was a very memorable night, and I am still under shock that I actually managed to witness it, for free, and by pure luck. About halfway through the set, she even played us one of her new, unreleased songs. As she played this beautiful, soft tune, she spoke with the crowd about herself, her feelings, about her daily life while she wasn’t on tour. There, I sensed a real loving being, one we could easily connect, experience and share with. She truly is a wonderful person.

I don’t know why it took me so long to finally see her live, but it was compeltely worth it. And for all the others out there who still doubt Lady Gaga, its time to give in. She is more than just good. She’s more than a glamourous pop icon and fashion queen. She is also an amazing, talented soul trying to change the world and spread a strong message. Now it’s up to you to listen.

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