Breaking The Fourth Wall @ L’Inco!!

This band is fuckin’ crazy. Seriously. They are insane.

But that’s a good thing. It’s their wildness that gives the crowd a unique feel, a turbulant flow. Their energy is immense and outstanding. Name me anyone with as much stage presence as these guys. I doubt you’d find anyone.

Tonight, June 26 2010, was their last show ever at L’inco (the old venue will be shutting it’s doors after July 3rd), their last show before their Across Canada Tour (fuck yeah!) and guess what. They really knocked the roof out of it’s place. Breaking The Fourth Wall is a 5 piece Experimental Punk/Metal Christian band (yes, believe it or not) from sweet hometown Montreal. I am so proud that they are our very own. Basically, it’s the sick Matt Savage on vocals, epic guitarists Luca Santilli and Felix Legault, smashing drummer Chris Falvo and newcomer, well-loved bassist and friend Connor Johnson (previously of the late Four Feet & Fur). Tonight was Connor’s first show with the band, and he really blended in perfectly. In fact, I believer everyone in the audience got the chance to be part of the band this night. People were throwing themselves everywhere, whether on stage or over the crowd, and their were many guest appearances, such as Cody Dodds (ex member of Four Feet & Fur), Mike Carrozza (By Polar,  This Order) and Matthew McAllister (Edessa/The Panda Attack). It was great to really see this band come to life once again.

I always remember these guys for making me crave more. They have so much energy, I wonder where it all came from. I remember seeing them play last early fall. Matt is very awesome. Really. He’s like a wild beast that can’t be caged, and I remember smiling insanely as he tore apart his shirt. He’s just amazing.

Breaking The Fourth Wall. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re right here. Honestly, worth a listen, if you’re into that type of sound. And once that’s done, be sure to check them out live!! You will definitely not regret it. Ever. (Unless you get a major concussion from getting slammed in the back of your brains by a flying guitar and/or vocalist.)

Good night!!

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