It was insane, but gorgeous. To die for. A dream I’ve been waiting for ever since the beginning of my teens, when I finally knew what music was. I’d remember rocking out to their songs and singing along as they played on rock radio, or online, or at a friends place. And then when I could afford it, the t-shirts swarmed the back of my closet doors. I sometimes wished I was born back then just so I could see them all together. Or at least, see them. I never thought that would happen. Never thought I’d even get that close.
Guess who was wrong.

I purchased my tickets to the Misfits the minute they went on sale. I couldn’t wait. I ran out of my class to access a school computer, and after inscribing my digits in, the tickets were mine.. and it was one of the greatest feelings ever. Now all I had to do was wait. And it was totally worth it.

Of course, I didn’t only show up for the Misfits. I showed up for millions of reasons. And today was another wonderful miracle of life. My friend Roya had to write an article for an amazing website called Meet Me At The Show. She needed my lovely moral support and she had the brilliant idea of interviewing the incredible Jerry Only. And we did. I swear I lost my breath the moment we were led backstage, after their sound check, hours before the show. I really swear, I stopped breathing as I set eyes to the dream inches away from my eyes. A tight handshake, take a seat, questions out and bam, there we are, interviewing the lead vocalist of the Misfits. I jotted down notes, every thing that sparked out. Actually, every thing sparked out. He was more than inspiring, funny, charming, every thing you’d expect out of him and more. I wanted to cry, but I held on to my tears, letting my friend do her job while I supported her. I don’t even remember how we got this lucky. And it gave me more hope. Hope for tomorrow. And hope for more to come from this outstanding band. 33 years and still going. And so much work put into it. As we finished off, we said our thank yous and goodbyes, our see you laters. I was definitely way more excited to see them get on stage, fully dressed in their Halloween attire and their crazy make up.

To be honest, I haven’t been to many punk rock shows. It’s crazy to see how different the crowds are from other genres. It was still fun. I go to jump and dance around, go wild as usual. To start off the show, a local band called Medusa took the stage. This is a 4 piece heavy metal band, with Kayla Whynter on lead vocals and harmonies, Izzy Skidzz on bass and back up vocals, Charlie Carnage on lead guitar and finally, Brandon Rhythmix on drums and also back up vocals. I had already heard of them before, so I was very eager to check them out. Their energy surprised me, and right away I got off the bench and began to cheer and jump. I especially loved Kayla, as she rocked the stage with her great looks, vocals and sensual moves. She has amazing stage presence, and it was great to see a local vocalist embrace the stage even during the instrumental parts.

Next up was Montreal’s very own Chix N Dix, a four piece band I’ve been dying to see live for a while. This band contains members Kryztera Oi! on vocals, Destructive K! on bass, Reckless Jess! on guitar and finally, TomASS! on drums. They really turned on the crowd at the very first song, having the kids run around in circles, mosh and skank. I felt my body following along to the beat of their crazy rhythms, no lonbger able to control myself. They really lived up to my expectations. Kryztera really has amazing vocals, reminding me a bit of Brody Dalle, previously lead vocals of The Distillers and now fronting Spinerette. I truly believe Kryz and her band mates will make it very far in the punk scene.

Following quickly behind was the legendary Vaginal Croutons (pronounced Va-Gee-Nal and not Va-Jhi-Nal.. had trouble pronouncing that at first!!), playing their last show ever in Montreal. I agree, I have heard of them before, and I was very saddened that I never got the chance to see them perform until now. With Johnny Jackoff on vocals, Harry Sacks on guitar, Brutus on bass and Spongy Crackers on drums, this Montreal-born band with the name that most would pronounce either proudly or with much discomfort, completely tore the stage, the moment they walked on. The fans went wild as Johnny made his appearance wearing one of the ugliest grand-ma dresses, flower print and all. Throughout their set, they were also joined with a giant inflatable penis, a blow doll and two inflatable rockets. Everybody danced along, pushing and shoving, trying hard to catch the rockets and other accessories, and once the penis had landed, they used this to tackle other fans as well. The whole set was completely insane. Halfway through, Johnny went backstage and returned in a different set of woman’s clothing, and a glittery penis hanging between his legs. He continued singing old time favorites, while occasionally spraying us all with confetti. It was really great.

I felt my nerves taking over as the began setting up the stage for the legendary and long-awaited Misfits. The interview with Jerry Only kept replaying within the depths of my brain and I wondered if any of this even happened. I knew the answer when the lights revealed who we’ve all been waiting for. The Misfits began their beautifully-crafted set with the Halloween Theme, and on the set stood lead vocalist/bassist Jerry Only, guitar and backing vocalist Dez Cadena and drummer Robo, completely clothed from head to toe in the traditional Misfits horror attire. I felt my soul float within this wonderful dream-come-true. The whole set was spectacular, amazing, and every detail was breath-taking. They played each song in chronological order, beginning with the old favorites, up to the new ones, and continued with other old-time favorites such as Helena and Dig Up Her Bones. I was especially ecstatic when they closed with my personal favorite, Die Die My Darling. The show wasn’t completely over. Jerry Only got off stage, getting crazed fans to cheer much louder and run to the front. He signed autographs and took pictures with each fan that asked for it, not ignoring or forgetting anyone. As he did this, I remembered once more the Jerry Only me and Roya had interviewed. The kind-heart, sweet Jerry Only. The one who gave me hope for tomorrow. All in all, this show was completely worth it. I was very glad to be part of this crazy crowd.


Check Out The Latest Of The Misfits Here!!

It’s always been one of my favorites, and your cover is excellent.
I love you.
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